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Making poor decisions at the Kenny Chesney concert in Orange Beach this weekend could spoil your good time.

Flora bama Kenny Chesney Defense Attorney John W Cowling"For a lot of Kenny Chesney fans, Saturday's concert in Pittsburgh couldn't last long enough.
For the Steel City, however, there was a lingering reminder of the rowdy crowd: a sea of garbage remained once the tailgaters had departed. Photos and videos have been hitting the internet, showing the mess that was made of Pittsburgh's North Shore area after the concert at Heinz Field. While most of the mess was from discarded alcohol containers and other pre-concert goodies, some people went so far as to leave behind reclining chairs." As reported by One Nation.

   It's easy to imagine that someone could get arrested in Alabama at the Flora-Bama this weekend. Drug possession and Public Intoxication is just a couple of allegations that you or someone you know might end up facing. Being accused of a crime can be devastating and embarrassing, leaving you to face uncertainty about your future. If you are charged with a DUI, Drug Possession or Public Intoxication, even if it's your first, you could face jail time, high fines and other penalties including having your money or property confiscated. A simple Kenny Chesney concert coupled with excessive drinking and poor decision making can make for a very long weekend.

   I am Defense Attorney John W. Cowling, and if you or a friend ends up on the wrong side of the law this weekend, you will need a competent defense attorney to be there for you. I have been practicing for over twenty years throughout Southwestern Alabama, and have handled cases in the criminal courts ranging from murder charges to speeding tickets. With my broad experience and reasonable fees, my office can provide quality, affordable legal assistance to you in a variety of matters.

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