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Mobile's new website for worthless checks

Mobile Defense Attorney worthless checksMOBILE, Alabama – Businesses that don't have the ability to electronically verify the worth of a check written to them now have a resource available through the Mobile County District Attorney's Office that can help them avoid worthless-check writers, or get money back that is owed them.

On Monday, District Attorney Ashley Rich announced a new function to the website, which allows the public to see information about the people writing bad checks, and also an access point where those who have done so can pay back what they owe.

"The automated payment system allows personnel within the District Attorney's Office Check Enforcement Division to direct more of their efforts to trying to find these bad-check writers," Rich said. Currently there are 36,656 active worthless checks in her office's database. During the 2012-2013 fiscal year, more than $627,000 in fees and restitution was collected by the bad-check unit, she said.

The new online database should dramatically increase the amount collected, Rich said, and it has already led to many tips from the public as to where some of the bad-check writers can be found.

"Writing a bad check is a crime and we will prosecute anyone who does write a bad check to a merchant when they know they do not have the money in the account to cover the goods and services that are being provided," she said.

To view the photo database, users can log onto the website and go to the tab on the right that says "Bad Check Writers." For those who would like to pay for a check they have written, there is a tab labeled "Check Writers Pay Online" just below that. Payments can also be made through an automated telephone system, at 877-958-8454.

Another service the district attorney's website provides is the ability for merchants to make their own most wanted posters for bad-check writers who have victimized their businesses. Under the "Protecting the Community" tab at the top of the website, there is a "Most Wanted" link that allows merchants to choose a photo and information to be included on the printable poster.

For more information, visit To report a worthless check, contact the District Attorney's Office at 251-574-5775.

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