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Did a Memorial Day traffic stop leave you in hot water with the law?

baldwin county-DUI-Defense AttorneyIf you found yourself pulled over or at a click it or ticket check point, whether it is for DUI, Speeding, lack on insurance, or expired registration and find yourself in legal trouble. Start your defense by getting the right legal information. John W. Cowling is a defense attorney in Loxley, Baldwin County, Alabama. He will consult with you and go over all your options, then protect your rights in court. So If this Memorial Day Weekend didn't go as you had planned, and you got in trouble with the law, do yourself a favor and call the law office of John W. Cowling today 251-947-7667

As always, holiday weekends are a perfect time for police to increase their presence on the roadways. Do yourself a favor and take the extra time and make sure you are aware of any steps you can take to avoid unwanted police troubles while traveling this weekend. Before hitting the roadway, double check your plate and brake lights, locate and create quick access to your insurance, license and registration- keep your inspection stickers up to date (and license plates). Equipment violations are a great way to find yourself pulled over. Avoid giving the police a chance to legally stop you by making sure that your lights are working and any equipment issues have been addressed before heading out. As always have a safe and hassle-free weekend!