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At the Law Office of John W. Cowling, we handle cases involving child support matters for married and unmarried parents. Obtaining a child support order that provides for necessities is very important to give your children the resources they need to grow and thrive. If you are ordered to pay child support, it is important that the amount is reasonable and fair considering the individual circumstances of your family.

You need a knowledgeable, dedicated child support attorney who will aggressively fight for your rights and protect the best interests of you and your family. Baldwin County child support attorney John W. Cowling will listen to you and become knowledgeable about your circumstances and advise you on your options under the law. In Alabama, statutory guidelines set forth the amount of child support to be paid and received. The combined gross incomes of both parents are considered by the court while setting the amount of child support.

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In addition to handling cases where child support is negotiated between parties or ordered by the court, child support lawyer John W. Cowling accepts cases to enforce child support that has previously been ordered. It is important to know that child support can always be modified by the courts and that can mean an increase or decrease. Courts can look at many factors in determining child support. For example, not only the income of the parties, but also a person's ability to earn can be considered, especially if a parent is purposefully "under employed" and not making their earning potential. If the court finds that a parent has quit a job or reduced his or her work hours to pay less child support, the court may determine an amount that parent should be able to earn (called imputed income) and order child support based on that imputed amount.

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